Children will explore materials at their own pace. Through the process of making art, children will build fine motor skills, focus, and creativity. Each class is around 2 hours, everyone has fun and the mess stays here!

atlanta hook up apps CARTOON ANIMALS

From cows, to cats, to snails and insects, cartoon animals have always been a subject for many forms of art due to their quirky yet adorable looks. Come join us in perfecting the way of sculpting interesting cartoon animals which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

rencontre femme algérie CUTIES COLLECTION

Ever wonder how artists are able to turn a realistic looking character into something cute? Come join us and learn the skills in creating a cuter version of your favourite characters. Don’t be fooled, though, these small characters are highly detailed and designed with a variety of textures that will definitely test your crafting skills.

meilleur site de rencontre suisse CREATIVE DECORATION

Start off learning the basic skills in clay crafting with this introductory course. Using one of our many wood pieces as base, learn the basic techniques needed to craft and form using clay while you turn an empty wood piece into a magnificent masterpiece.


Flowers are beautiful, but they fade eventually. Come join us and learn to create beauty that will never fade! Learn to conduct detailed flower observations and capture the realism of each plant to create realistic, beautiful clay flowers that will help brighten your environment, without losing its vibrancy over time.


Ever want to create your own little worlds or venues? You will be able to learn and craft anything from the delicious little treats in a bakery, or the colourful fruits and vegetables at a marketplace. This course specializes in perfecting the skill in making amazing, realistic miniatures of everyday life sized objects and products.
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